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Box Breathing To Calm Your Nervous System

There are various types of deep breathing techniques. A common one I tell my patient’s about is box breathing. Breathe along with this video for a few minutes and share any changes you notice!


Allow your breath to flow naturally, and be mindful of each inhale, drawing in nourishment, and each exhale, releasing energies that no longer serve you.


Box breathing involves four basic steps, each lasting 4 seconds:
》breathing in
》holding the breath
》breathing out
》holding the breath


🌟 Why?
Box breathing is a powerful but simple relaxation technique that aims to return breathing to its normal rhythm during a stressful experience. It can help:
》Lower heart rate and blood pressure
》Intentionally slow breathing, increasing oxygen and nutrients in your body
》Stimulates your vagus nerve to calm your nervous system and increase your focus
》Turns down fight or flight, reducing cortisol, anxiety and stress
》Eases muscular tension and relieves pain


🌟 Where? When?
This practice is versatile—suitable anytime, anywhere 🌬️


Feeling frazzled? Take a moment to breathe – slowly, mindfully, intentionally.


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