Holistic wellness


Close up image of provider performing acupuncture

Inserted & non-inserted needle styles are involved to create a holistic individualized treatment based on your body’s patterns.

Close up image of provider performing moxibustion

To help reduce inflammation and promote healing, high grade mugwort is dried and processed to be used as a warming treatment during acupuncture sessions.

Lined bottles of Classical Pearls herbal supplements

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Personalized herbal prescriptions are made during consultations for your specific needs.

Photo of provider using fire to create suction in glass cup for cupping on a patient's back

Fire Cupping

Glass cups are used in various ways to help release tension and fascia in the body, promote healing and increase circulation.

Photo of provider performing craniosacral therapy at a patient's head

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle hands on bodywork modality that helps loosen restrictions in the cranial system and reset the nervous system.

Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy helps reduce pain and tension in the muscles, increasing circulation and promoting rest.

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