Amy Homer-Brown

Owner & Licensed Acupuncturist
Photo of Amy Homer-Brown seated in a blue turtleneck sweater.

About me

I am passionate about providing care for patients who have chronic pain and chronic gut issues so that they can enjoy life and the things they love to do.

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Barbados, I have always been drawn to the art of medicine and healing and set out to become a doctor since childhood. However, I believed that there was more to medicine than medications and surgery and during my years as a medical student, sought more wholistic practices.


I began my medical career in 2008 as a doctor, obtaining an allopathic medical degree in 2014 in my home country, Barbados. After 12 months of working as a medical intern in a public hospital in Trinidad, I decided to pursue a degree in natural medicine instead of continuing on to a medical residency program. My dream was to pursue and practice a form of medicine that complemented the body’s innate abilities of self-healing, viewed each person as an individual and shared my beliefs in the mind-body connection for healing. It was at NUNM in Portland, OR, where I found my home in Classical Chinese Medicine.


I am not a licensed MD in the United States but enjoy using my medical knowledge in understanding my patients from a biomedical perspective, speaking and translating the Western language of medicine, and combining it with my knowledge of East Asian medicine. I am a national board-certified acupuncturist with the NCCAOM licensed through Oregon Medical Board.

Outside of the clinic, I love getting creative with craft projects and creating journals through GC Journals, enjoy every possible moment with my husband and too quickly growing toddler.

Modalities I offer

My acupuncture style follows Traditional Japanese techniques which are gentle and highly effective. All acupuncture sessions with me may include any of the following modalities.

Non-inserted & inserted acupuncture

Traditional Japanese acupuncture is gentle and sessions include a mixture of both needling types unless otherwise specified. About 50% or more of my patients have never had a needle inserted!

Rice grain moxibustion

This particular style of moxibustion is unique to the Japanese-style of practices. It is a direct technique that is relaxing and warming on the body. Great for those with chronic ailments.

Fire cupping

Fire cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique using the warmth and fire to create suction in glass cups.

Gentle bodywork

I am trained to offer gentle bodywork styles in craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, visceral manipulation and sotai.

Insurances Accepted

I am in-network with the following insurance carriers. I also accept MVA claims.

Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Providence Health Plans, TriWest Healthcare Alliance
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