Motor Vehicle Accidents

Were you recently in a car accident and sustained an injury?

We accept Personal Injury for Auto-Accident Claims

If you have an active claim for a recent auto-accident (aka MVA), you also have medical coverage for any injuries that occurred due to the accident through your auto-insurance – this is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP)!


The sooner you are able to seek medical attention for your injuries, the quicker your recovery will be. Common injuries we treat due to auto-accident (we call MVAs) include: concussions or other traumatic brain injuries, new pain anywhere in the body due to new injury, worsening pain anywhere in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions: MVA Insurance Coverage

Oregon has “no fault” personal injury coverage, meaning it is available to you whether or not you are at fault. If you have an open claim for an auto-accident, treatment is available to you at no cost until resolution of symptoms or until your PIP has met it’s limit. All Oregon auto-insurance requires drivers to have PIP of a minimum of $15,000 (it is often advised to increase your default policy coverage) to cover medical expenses related to your accident. PIP is often extended to passengers. 

No referral is required for acupuncture.

Yes, a referral is required for massage therapy.

No, Ikigai Wellness does not accept Letters of Protection.

A Letter of Protection is sent from an injured party’s attorney to a medical provider agreeing to pay the medical expenses owed by the patient out of any future recovery whether by settlement or by trial and judgment.

You have no copays or deductibles to meet for medical care when using your PIP for MVA visits.

You can receive treatments for up to 2 years after your accident or until you:

  1. exhaust your PIP $
  2. recover from your injury
  3. are ordered to attend a medical evaluation and the physician makes the decision to end treatments
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