Your Jaw Pain & Low Back Pain May Be Related

Do you find yourself clenching your jaw often? Maybe you grind your teeth at night? Jaw pain? Does chewing food thoroughly get tiring? Headaches that are better with massaging your temples? Seemingly unrelated, do you get low back pain in addition to any of the above? But is it really unrelated? Let’s talk about how your jaw pain and low back pain could actually be related!


💡Fun fact: the pelvic floor and jaw originate from the same embryonic tissues in the developing fetus!


If you are pregnant, have ever been pregnant, have given birth vaginally or via c-section and/or are seeing a pelvic floor therapist, I highly recommend adding Craniosacral Therapy to your care!
Pelvic floor issues can often manifest as chronic persistent low back pain. And TMJ issues/jaw pain and headaches are more common than we would probably like to admit.
This embryonic origin story is why there is such an intricate connection between the pelvic floor and jaw despite sitting on opposite ends of our torso. The pelvic floor and jaw are connected by fascial layers because they come from the same tissues, playing roles in posture, movement, and overall well-being. Dysfunction or tension in one area can impact the others, as tension patterns within the fascia can transmit throughout the body. For instance, chronic pelvic floor tension may manifest as jaw pain or dysfunction, and vice versa. These issues can be chronic and sometimes we can’t tell which one came first.
When I was pregnant🤰🏻 a couple of years ago, I had issues with symphysis pubic dysfunction or SPD (major ouch) – craniosacral work was a major part of my pain management alongside my pelvic floor PT work!
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