Journaling for Mental Health

As someone who has struggled with depression during and following difficult times in the past, I always consider mental health awareness month to be close to my heart. Whether you  struggle with anxiety, depression or just overwhelm from life, circumstance and lack of self-care, I see you.


Our modern day lives, unfortunately, do not build in the time we need to nourish ourselves unless we choose to carve that time in. As a toddler mom, wife and business owner, I struggle with that every day! Whether it’s as little as 2 minutes of stretching or sun salutations or shaking in the morning before everyone else wakes up, or 10 minutes of journaling, or a 30 minute yoga/workout session – you can choose what that nourishment looks like.


You have 1440 minutes in a day, can you take just 2-30 of those minutes to do something for just you?


Journaling for Mental Health
Regular journaling can be helpful for mental health in a number of ways including:
🌿emotional expression
🌿self-reflection and insight
🌿stress reduction
🌿enhanced creativity and productivity
🌿increased self-confidence and self-esteem


I don’t mention it often, but I create health-related journals on the side – I enjoy the creativity behind doing so. Exploring my creativity is something I wish I could take more time to do as it truly nourishes my heart most but I get it in while I can with a running, talking, climbing toddler at my feet.


What do you do for your mental health?


One of the journals that I have on sale on Amazon is a self-care journal. It is a small, easy to carry journal with 30 days of prompts and 30 stress-relief coloring pages! You can write to your heart’s content and/or simply complete the one-page daily check in. You choose how you’d like to use the journal that would help you most. Here’s a quick flip-through of what the journal looks like:



Purchase the journal on Amazon.


Curious about other journals I’ve created? Check them out here.


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