Why Chinese Herbs?

Graphic showing the common types of herbal formulas: bulk herbs, granules, pills and capsules and tinctures.

Herbal formulas are often incorporated in your treatment plan. Herbal formulas contain a number of herbs that work together to achieve an overall effect that helps carry on your treatment outside of your sessions. They are often recommended to support the body’s natural healing processes and more strongly encourage positive changes for various internal conditions.



Herbal formulas come in a number of forms (pictured to the left). The most commonly prescribed herbal formulas at Ikigai Wellness are:

  • Bulk – herbal ingredients in their full form are boiled and simmered to create a tea.
  • Granule formulas are just like bulk formulas except the dried herbs are crushed into a powder form. They are prepared by mixing in hot water and drinking as a tea.
  • Capsules – granule formulas are encapsulated into gelatin capsules (vegan capsules may be available for some formulas).

Granule formulas are not typically kept in stock at Ikigai Wellness. Some Classical Pearls formulas are kept in stock. Prescriptions are sent to either Root & Branch Medicinary in SW Portland or Golden Cabinet Herbal Medicinary on SE Portland for patient pick up (shipping is also available from both locations).

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