pain relief

graphic image of a hunched over body highlighting red area of low back pain against a black background

Feeling Pain Is…Good?

Before we get into this post, I want you to take this moment to do a quick body scan. Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and slowly scan yourself from head to toe. Notice any pain, tension and discomfort you feel in your body. Are you feeling anxious and stressed? Calm and grounded? Somewhere […]

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photo of multiple packets of opened and unopened medications of various colors and sizes

Nip Your Pain In The Bud

“More than 50% of chronic opioid use begins in the acute pain care setting.” Here’s something you probably already know: acupuncture is highly effective for pain management, acute and chronic. Most of my patients in the clinic who see me have pain somewhere in their body, whether it is from an accident or injury, degenerative

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