Erin Boyt

craniosacral therapist

About me

Being in pain is exhausting.

Hi! I’m Erin.


I’m a CranioSacral Therapist and personal trainer who helps people get stronger, restore the connection with their bodies, and move with less pain. I’ve been teaching movement through a variety of somatic modalities for over 16 years and specialize in foot function, chronic pain, acute injuries, and emotional release.


You’ve probably tried ALL THE THINGS to resolve your pain, but nothing has worked – or it keeps coming back…with a vengeance.


You’re an active person but the chronic creaks and squeaks are keeping from you hiking, running, or playing with your kids, or simply having the energy for everyday tasks.


If you’ve been told:

“You have bad joints.”

“Just stop doing that thing you love.”

“Such-and-such Method has all the answers.”


I assure you that:

  • There are no such things as bad joints.
  • There are movement patterns that result in joint pain and other factors such as bone density – but your joints themselves are not bad.

Movement is life.

Unless your activity of choice is being a live-action crash test dummy, it’s unlikely that giving something up completely is the answer. In fact, limiting your movement can do more harm than good in the long run.


There is no single method, modality, or technique that will “fix it.”

I believe we find answers in curiosity, not dogma. Our best teacher is our own movement and sometimes we just need a little guidance to listen to it. That’s why I continue to learn from a wide variety of resources and put the most effective bits into a tasty little movement cocktail for my client’s individual needs. As my dear Auntie L says: “take the best and leave the rest.” Cheers to that!


How I can help:

  • Gentle, hands-on bodywork to facilitate movement in the body
  • Nervous system regulation to help your body tap into its own capacity for healing
  • Cultivating body awareness so you are in control of your own process

Modalities I offer

I practice Craniosacral Therapy to help people attain movement longevity and heal from chronic pain.

Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle bodywork technique to reduce chronic pain and regulate the body's nervous system.

Insurances Accepted

Erin does not accept private health insurance for craniosacral therapy.

Your HSA or FSA provider may cover craniosacral therapy sessions.

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